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Do you like to have choices?
What about learning how to handle tough situations?
Would you like to take control of your own destiny?
Would you like to be wealthy?
Do you want to learn about money?
What about learning how to handle tough situations?
Does owning your own business sound cool to you?
How about putting a team of your friends together so you can work, learn, and practice how to raise money for the goals that your team comes up with?
Do you want to turn your dreams into a reality?
Would you like to know why we say mistakes are great?
How about learning how to get what you want in life?

GrowinBizKids teaches the importance of thinking big and creating definite plans so children can reach their particular goals, while providing them with support to succeed in whatever they choose to do.

Resources, That are really helpful and a great place to get started

Great for K-12 Students, Parents and Educators

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Computer-Based Instruction

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Money Smart- A financial Education Program


Spectacular Books

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More Great Resources

Brilliant Games

For children 6-12. GrowinBizKids Highly Recommends These Type of Games For Some Serious Financial Family Fun. Author Robert T. Kiyosaki created these games with the intent on teaching adults and children how to get out of the rat race. 


  Sharpen Your Skills to Avoid Costly Mistakes For 2-4 players. Ages 12 and up."The game where you buy big, build big, and borrow smart to win! In today's economy, getting and keeping good credit isn't easy. But now you can take the crunch out of credit with Charge Large, the game that makes buying, building and even borrowing pay off big! Travel around the board using cash and your gold credit card to scoop up prime properties. Buy strategically, borrow wisely, and pay back quickly to earn a platinum card."





"The Donald "For 3-4 players. Age 12 and up. The Trump Game "Bid against your opponents to buy big-ticket properties like the Island Resort or Luxury Residence. Or you can use your Trump cards to strike profitable deals. Think another player would pay $50 million for one of your cards' Go for it!"



Let's Get Ready For 3-5 players ages 10 and up. Money has been called the "math game for people who don't like math" because it reinforces basic concepts without ever letting numbers completely dominate the game. So whether it's played with a group of gaming buddies or a family of four, Money represents the best in crossover experiences. Players bid cards from their hands to exchange for 'lots' of cards, with the order being determined by whoever put out the highest valued cards.

For 7 years and above. Two levels of play. 2 players. "Created by a volunteer math aide in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Moneywise Kids contains two simple, fun games that will help kids understand how money works, in terms of dollar value and spending power." Nice! 



On Your Mark For 2-4 players. Ages 7 and up. Learning Resources Money Bags A Coin Value Game. "What a fun way to learn about combining coins! The object of this colorful and compact board game is to earn money while winding along a cartoon path. Money is earned by landing on a square labeled with a practical chore, such as setting the table (31 cents), or an entrepreneurial endeavor, such as a lemonade stand (15 cents)."




Great Idea For 4 - 12 years. "Summit Zillions Deluxe ATM The Ultimate ATM Machine -it's just like the real thing. The LCD screens welcome you and will give you all of your up to date account information. This ATM is so advanced it even knows your name. The realistic camera and incredible sounds will make you think you just pulled in to the bank. Smashing your piggy bank is a thing of the past with this ATM machine."




Powerful Financial Education Creative Cash for Kids is a simple, yet powerful way to teach your kids about money, investing and being the CEO of their own lives at home.


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